Almost On The Road Again

Well it is time for my second camping trip.  The dogs are ready and don’t seem to understand why we are still here when I started going in and out of the camper yesterday.  They know what is coming yet I haven’t loaded them in the truck yet. I think they worry that I might forget them.  That won’t happen as I can’t imagine going without them. Bones at the campsiteTomorrow.  Yes, I will wait until the day I had originally planned to leave.

I have my pre-camping checklist, thanks to several You-tube videos.  I will pretty much start working on the items later today.  I use OneNote for all my checklists, camping, work related, shopping.  It is great! I can update it from my tablet, phone, or computer.  I have generic checklists for my packing up, getting ready to leave, and setting up camp.  I even started one for this trip with the meals I planned, groceries I need to pack when the refrigerator is cold, places I want to visit, and items I need to pack, all in one spot.  I have always used lists and having them available on my phone is so great. I will make up paper copies of the regular camping checklists for when I am out of cell range and post them in my camper after I get them laminated.

This trip is to Brighton State Park in, of all places, Brighton Vermont.  There are no hookups.  I will bring a couple jugs of water for the toilet while I am traveling.  I have done a fair amount of primitive camping with my brother in the pop-up so I am not concerned about not having water or sewer hookups.  I wish there was power to plug in my devises but I will have an inverter or converter, I can’t remember which is which,  installed eventually to remedy that issue.

I am excited about this trip but not nervous as I was before my trip to Bar Harbor.  I have done many of the firsts and understand some of the ins and outs of my camper.  This trip will be different because other than Oreo, Aurora and Bones, no one will be joining me on this trip.  While I really enjoy exploring and having adventures with my friend Jeni, I am single and there is a certain thrill of stepping out alone.


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