Camping Alone, well sort of….


I was wondering how I would do camping alone.  I have been camping for three years with my brother in a pop-up but now I am beginning a new chapter in my camping adventures.  I will be camping with my dogs in a travel trailer.  My brother married and is starting new adventures with his new wife.  I know I am able to do whatever needs to be done but the dogs are not much of a backup when it comes to setting up camp, doing maintenance, or starting things like water heaters.  I am good at talking myself into massive canyons of self-doubt and I find my negative self-talk dangles me over those canyons on a regular basis.

My first trip was to Bar Harbor, ME.  Friends and I were going to travel up the same day but as I covered in another blog, I didn’t wait.  I left four days before we were initially planned to leave.  It was empowering and exhilarating to strike out on my own.  I have been a widow since 1999 and have become quite independent in many ways but each new step invokes a little trepidation.

I enjoyed the trip which took longer than originally planned because I didn’t want to travel main roads.  I like the journey as well as the destination.  I like seeing small towns that are missed on the divided highways that are designed to get you to your destination in the shortest time possible. One problem I discovered was it is not quite so easy to park and explore when you are pulling a 24’ travel trailer.  By the time you find someplace that will accommodate your needs you are well beyond the cute villages and towns.

I did find that adding Bones, my daughter-in-law’s min-pin to the mix made walks more difficult.  Bones wants to be alpha and pulls and winds to try to accomplish that end.  It makes walks more of a task as leashes tangle and twist.  My two dogs are littermates and walk well together, providing we don’t see any other dogs.  I did find I was not as inclined to jump out of the truck and take a walk with him along and with the travel trailer to consider.  It is something we will have to work on.  Bones and his owners live with me and he is part of the pack.  He would not understand being left behind.

I was concerned that I would not be as inclined to explore with just the dogs but I found that was not the case.  We got out and went exploring and I met so many neat people along the way.  I rediscovered what I guess I have always known, you are only alone if you choose to be.  There are people everywhere who are willing to say hi and stop for a brief, or not so brief, conversation.

All in all I have to conclude I do like camping alone.  I also enjoy camping with friends.  Life is good.


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