Starting Early

20170601_154930It is getting nerve wracking waiting to leave on my first trip.  I just added an extra day to my reservation.  After this first trip I will be more relaxed about traveling but until then ….. Until I have backed into my space for the first time……………  Until I have put down the awning………  Until I light the water heater…………… Until I have done all the firsts…..

It all got the best of me.  After I wrote the above paragraph I called to extend my reservation to include Sunday and found out since I had five nights paid for I could have two free, a pre-season special.  I went from checking in on Monday to checking in on Friday.  It was Thursday.  I decided to start and drive to North Conway, NH to a Camping World store located there.  I planned to stay over in a nearby Walmart.

One thing about being spontaneous …. Check and make sure the Wal-Marts in the area­­­­ allow overnight parking.  North Conway, NH doesn’t allow any overnight parking in any parking lots. The plan was to visit Camping World.  I ended up driving to outside Portland, ME where I found a Wal-Mart parking lot I could utilize. Needless to say I didn’t backtrack to Camping World.  I will order online which is probably better.  I won’t be as tempted to buy more than I need that way.

It is nice having a bed and bathroom moving behind you for those times when you get very, very, tired. Having three dogs with me helped me feel secure. They are not aggressive, unless you are another dog, but I was rather surprised that they didn’t seem to be bothered by the noise outside the camper in the parking lot.  I was concerned that they might bark when they heard people talking but they didn’t.  It did take me a while to settle in and fall asleep, but I finally did and got a good four or five hours sleep.

What a confidence booster it was just to start early and sleep in a parking lot. Starting from Portland to Bar Harbour on Friday I was much more relaxed.  I was still excited but it was not a nervous excitement.  I am so glad I started early!

As you can see in the picture above Bones is not so sure about this camper thing.  It is his first camping trip but as long as his hero Oreo is along he figures it will be fine.


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